Students piled in front of Low Memorial and had a massive snowball fight after Columbia University canceled classes. These Instagram photos show just how fun it was.


“Let the games begin”

snow break…

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Each man for himself


Low Memorial looks amazing


So many targets to hit

#columbiauniversity #snowballfight #snowball #happiness ❄️⛄️❄️

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The fight in slow motion


A fort for hideout, if you can fit inside


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Um… ok.


Someone made the biggest snowman the campus has ever seen


“Oh him? Don’t worry. Just burying him alive.”

Snow massacre #snowballfight #columbiauniversity

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Thanks SEAS engineers!

Uhhh… alrighty then.

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The Kings of the Hill


And The Queens of the Hill


It’s pretty much a winter wonderland

Class was canceled today… so we had a snowball fight #juno ⛄️❄️

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“Stupid people shouldn’t breed”


And the festivities continued until sundown


At the end of the day, even though the blizzard never came, it was a day well spent.