If there’s anything grosser than someone exposing their genitals on a first date, it’s someone exposing their political beliefs.

That’s my deal breaker, at least. You probably have a few of your own.

Whether is lack of humor, too short, or too lazy, it can be hard to get along with someone who hits one of your deal-breakers.

🔬 Study Summary

5,500 Americans were asked about their dealbreakers:

  • Men and women have very similar dealbreakers
  • The top three deal breakers were: uncleanliness, laziness, and neediness

📰 Research paper: Relationship Dealbreakers: Traits People Avoid in Potential Mates. Read full paper »

To better understand people’s dating preferences, scientists from universities in US, Australia, and Singapore teamed up together for a series of studies. In one of the studies, the scientists polled 5,500 Americans on what their deal breakers are. Here’s what they said: