Photo: Randy Olson
Photo: Randy Olson

This month, the National Park Service celebrates its 100th birthday. It was created back in 1916 by Congress to protect the natural sceneries and historically important landmarks in the United States.

To celebrate the occasion, data scientist Randy Olson created a road trip map that covers every single national parks in one trip. Back in April, Randy used data science to figure out the optimal path that covers every single states in the US, so he’s not new to trip optimization.

The National Park Service manages 59 national parks around the country. 12 of the national parks are outside of the continental US. Since it’s pretty hard to drive your car to places like Hawaii, that leaves us only 47 parks to cover.

The entire span of the trip overs 14,498 miles of road. If you’re driving, that’ll take approximately 2 months to cover.

You can checkout the full interactive map on Github:

According to his blog, Olson considers his “data tinkering” a hobby. “I tackle a new data analysis problem every week. If I find something interesting, I report my findings here to share with the world.”