Facebook isn’t all cute graduation photos and relationship updates. Chances are you’ve scrolled through some ridiculous posts: your racist uncle telling an unfunny joke about Jews; your random high school friend sharing a violent fighting video; and that person you’ve met once at a festival spouting political opinions that are way out there.

Facebook actually has guidelines for wading through these unpleasant broadcasts. Most people know that you can click the little arrow on a post and report it. When enough people report something, the Facebook community team will investigate.

Most of the time though, you have to take the matters into your own hands.

Note to Self, a podcast created by from WNYC in New York, put together a step-by-step flowchart on what to do if you spot your friend posting offensive content.

Photo: Note to Self / WNYC
Photo: Note to Self / WNYC

Race is a touchy topic on Facebook these days. In a survey done by the same team at Note to Self, 46% of Facebook users reported seeing discussion on race in the past month, and 30% have considered blocking or unfriending someone who posted something offensive.