While the nasty blizzard threw the entire Northeast into chaos, Cornell University knows how to handle its snowstorms. These Instagram photos show just how gorgeous Cornell looks afterward.

1. Hoy Field has been repainted by a fresh layer of snow



2. Sage Hall looks like a frozen Kremlin Palace




3. Any person. Any study. Any weather.


  The snow softly blankets the surface of statues and trees. It may be cold but it sure is beautiful.   A photo posted by Raquel (@release.the.dove) on



4. Freshmen can enjoy this breathtaking view from the Thurston Bridge


  Yep. ❄️❄️❄️❄️⛄️⛄️⛄️   A photo posted by kscafuri (@kscafuri) on



5. These guys are desperate to bring some Australian sun to Ithaca.




6. God bless whoever has to climb these icy Baker stairs.


Home for the chemistry kids #snowday #cornell #baker A photo posted by Aaron Lee (이동우) (@96ayayron) on



7. The sky is ridiculously clear


Change of plans and I’m back for another semester #Cornell #Ithaca #NoAbroad #regram #copy A photo posted by Tucker Iida (@hidetaka615) on



8. Arts Quad is a winter wonderland


  Welcome blizzard ❄ ❄   A photo posted by Natalia Martinez (@nmartineza) on



9. Libe looks to be in prime sledding condition


Winter @ Libe Slope #libeslope #cornelluniversity #cornell #snow #winter #white #ithaca #newyork #willardstraight A photo posted by Anahita Verahrami (@invictus_images) on



10. You can cozy up inside Uris and study with a magnificent view of the campus.


Perfect study view #urislibrary #cornell #snow @cornelluniversity A photo posted by Deirdre. (@didipatisserie) on



11. Bailey Hall is basically the home of a Greek goddess


#Cornell now: Sliding across Bailey Hall plaza. A photo posted by Amy (@aimlessny) on

#cornell #snow A photo posted by amyc123 (@amyc123) on



12. Entering West Campus under the Lyon Hall arch


@foreviper this one is for you // #nosnow #ithaca #cornell #VSCOcam #newyork A photo posted by Anthony Fairall (@afairall) on



13. And coming out on the other side

It’s soooooooo cold here…. Can I even make it to my graduation??#2moreyears #Cornell #Survivor

A photo posted by Anita Li (@captainanita) on



14. Clock tower shines bright all night


When sky changes color! #Cornell #nofilters A photo posted by Ali Moeed (@moeedtirmizi) on



15. It can look kinda creepy

This is the best picture I’ve ever taken. #snow #cornell #cantfeelmytoes

A photo posted by Lulu (@luluzinc) on



16. Willard Straight Hall looks hauntingly beautiful at night


Willard Straight @ night #winter #willardstraight #snow #cold #freezing #college #cornell #ithaca A photo posted by Jordan (@jpom94) on




And despite having to constantly deal with the irrational weather and the endless pile of work, you realize you go to the most beautiful university in the world and wouldn’t trade it for anything.

“Everything the light touches is our kingdom” #Regram

A photo posted by Danny Carroll (@1650swimmah) on