Yes, we Cornellians are at the top of the food chain. With more than 30 on-campus dining locations, there is really nothing to complain about. Cornell tries to limit food waste in every possible way, which is why we don’t have trays in dining halls. However, most of us have little idea of how much food we waste every day. Here are a few photos:

1. See your unfinished scrap of pizza in that bin? And don’t worry, there is more underneath. 




2. And the rice. Brown rice is healthier, which is why it ends up here in large amounts.



3. If you don’t sort your waste, composting is more difficult.

Here is a picture from one dining facility. The yellow bins are compost bins, where waste food is stored. The blue ones contain recyclables. Food composting is done via Cornell Farm Services, a coordinated program that collects Cornell Dining and Statler food wastes.



Chefs try to re-purpose leftover foods as much as possible. For example, stocks are made with veg and meat scraps.

However, your leftover food on that conveyor belt cannot be re-purposed.


4. Next time, watch that untouched food on the conveyor belt disappear into the kitchen. Not so funny.



To learn more about food sustainability at Cornell, click here.