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Is Hollywood too white? Here are the stats

The #OscarsSoWhite were recently criticized for having an all-white ballot of acting nominees. A recent study shows that not only racial/ethnic non-inclusion, but also gender and LGBT non-inclusion plague the […]

The Old Heart of San Francisco

The Old Heart of San Francisco

The fog in San Francisco is named Karl. Karl has his own Twitter account and LinkedIn profile. He’s famous here, shrouding the iconic Golden Gate ‘til it’s lost in the […]

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Thought Patterns that Mentally Tough People Avoid

If there’s one consistent predictor of how successful you will be in life, it’s mental toughness. Being mentally tough is, well, tough. When things go wrong, the brain naturally jumps […]

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You’re only 23. Stop rushing life.

I asked my CEO today “what can I do to be better” and he responded that it was the fourth time I asked that question in the last month. While […]

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How to trick yourself into breaking a bad habit

We all want to develop great, productive habits. But from your past experiences–and from everything you’ve read on the topic–developing great habits is hard. It’s restricting. It’s boring. And most of […]