Articles by: Xiao Xu

Hans Schule, 1939. Photo: simpleinsomnia / Flickr

13 Math Equations that Changed the World

Math is all around us. Renowned UC Berkeley mathematician Edward Frenkel once said, “mathematics directs the flow of the universe, lurks behind its shapes and curves, holds the reins of […]

Photo: Jason Rosewell / Flickr

Thought Patterns that Mentally Tough People Avoid

If there’s one consistent predictor of how successful you will be in life, it’s mental toughness. Being mentally tough is, well, tough. When things go wrong, the brain naturally jumps […]

A woman bites her nail. Photo: Iain Browne / Flickr

How to trick yourself into breaking a bad habit

We all want to develop great, productive habits. But from your past experiences–and from everything you’ve read on the topic–developing great habits is hard. It’s restricting. It’s boring. And most of […]

Stuffing your face before bedtime may be disturbing your memory recall. Photo:  Rachel Haller / Flickr

Midnight munches may be mangling your memory

Your stomach grumbles yes, but your mind mumbles no. It might feel good, but frequent late-night raids on the fridge may be disturbing your memory, a new study UCLA finds. […]