Photo: Jakob Owens /
Photo: Jakob Owens /

For millennials and adults alike, a new age of storytelling is upon us in the form of vlogs, or video blogs. Vlogs appeal to the visual sense, combining the artistic components of filmmaking with those of the traditional written blog. These videos are important because they capture the reality of a creator’s life, which subsequently allows the wider world a glimpse into the mind of innovation.

According to The Telegraph, we now process nearly 200 times as much information as we did 30 years ago, and those statistics are increasing with technological advance. What this means is that being original is more difficult now more than ever. And this is not to say that it was not challenging before!

Why Vlogs?

While the concept of video blogging has been around for the past decade, vlogs have seen a surge in popularity in the past year and a half. This rise is inevitably due to the increase in video sharing platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. These platforms permit artists to share their ideas easily, making the vlog both a source of entertainment and a tool for learning. I use learning in the sense that we, as viewers, intrinsically learn from these videos simply by opening our ears to what the creators have to say. The following vloggers are among the most well-received on all the internet. Not only do they bring positivity to social media, but also an openness which serves to promote growth among the wider world.

Instant Classic – Casey Neistat

The New York based Neistat is a favorite among YouTubers, boasting over 4 million subscribers. Prior to daily vlogging, Neistat worked as a filmmaker contributing to three major films in addition to an HBO series. What you will find in Neistat’s vlogs is a zeal to live purposefully. Neistat packs his videos with inspirational words that are both succinct and meaningful. Neistat is famous for his “more work – less sleep” mentality, and it is best exampled in one of his top videos, Make It Count.

Debunking Myths – Laci Green

Laci Green is one of the most powerful and progressive female voices on YouTube. The Utah-based film maker may be best known for her sexual education videos, but also has powerful words on feminism and sexual orientation. Green’s work looks to break down the “awkward” barrier that frequently impedes conversation about sex and gender. If you’re looking for a frank voice who’s not afraid to make edgy commonplace, Laci Green is worth your time.

Utter Positivity – Shonduras

Shaun McBride, better known as Shonduras, is also a Utah-based YouTuber. His daily vlog series titled, Best Day Ever, is a catalog of his daily life as cereal connoisseur, father, and long-haired adventurer. Shonduras is a brilliant personality, oozing enthusiasm and positivity. This makes his videos an easy watch. Before YouTube, Shonduras was a professional skateboarder, so many of his vlogs showcase his talent with extreme sports. You will find nothing but smiles and fun in Shonduras.

Vlogs are a rich source of meaningful communication and creation. They serve to not only share experiences, but also to open the contemporary mind to change. The aforementioned artists are catalysts of creativity, whose work promotes personal growth in a fun, fresh way. Whether intentionally or inadvertently, these seemingly lighthearted vlogs communicate a pressing need to continuously call into question and reevaluate our worldviews.